Hill's Science Diet Dog Food?

by Sharon
(Pineville, La 71360)

This is more of a question than a story. I have used Science Diet since I purchased my first Shih Tzu, which was about 8 years ago. Recently, I have purchased another one, he is six months old. I just want the best for them.

One day I was in Petsmart talking to an associate and she told me that when their dry food get a little less than half gone, to come back so she can show me the best food for them. I have not gone back yet, because I still have a half bag for each dog.

My point I guess, I was giving them one of the best by giving them Hill's Science Diet Dry and Can food.

As I see here Science Diet didn't make the top 10 list.
I guess a change needs to come!!

Thank you for your time, and I would like to get more information on why Science Diet is not one of the top 10.

Thank you.

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Science Diet Dry Food
by: Anonymous

I raised my SHIH TZU in Science Diet and she was very Healthy. She lived 14 Years and 8 Months😢
Still miss her! I just want to know. Why Science Diet is not in the Top 10 List???

Science Diet should have made the Top 10.
by: Anonymous

I have a 5 yr old female Shih Tzu and I was giving her Merrick canned and dry food when she turned 1 yr old. Soon after I found that she was spitting up her food. My vet told me to start giving her Science Diet Sensitive stomach dog food and ever since then, she has been fine.

Science Diet worked for her. She especially loves the canned food with all that tasty gravy.

Feeding my dog Science Diet
by: Anonymous

I have a Shih Tzu and after she was past her puppy stage, I tried a Holistic Diet and gave her
a brand of canned dog food called Merrick. This
worked for a little while. Then I noticed she was spitting up quite a bit and I spoke to my vet about it.

He told me that Shih Tzu's have sensitive digestions and should be eating a
dog food specially formulated to help with it.
So he recommended "Science Diet." I have been
feeding her Science Diet dry and canned food
ever since she was a year old and she has been
fine ever since.

Good food is important
by: Ed

I applude your effort to make sure you are keeping up and giving your dog the best! My wife and I run a small rescue in central New Jersey. We also happen to own a few dogs ourself, 2 Great Pyrenees, 2 Rotties, 4 Shih-Tsu and 2 mini Dashes. That is beside the rescues that come and go and we are very fussy about feeding time.

For the puppies that come and go we use wellness puppy food and it seems to work great.Comes in both cane and dry. For the older dogs we us innova dry and mix in 8 oz. of canned chicken we by from walmart for 2 bucks for 13 oz can. It is cheaper then canned food and when mixed with a little dry it provides all they need. I'm sure this is not the cheapest way to go but it is not bad and keep all our dogs heathy. To help save money we also give our own puppy shots and de-wormer we buy off the internet. But every dog get a wellenss exam and a clean bill of heath. I don't mine so much we are a non-profit but I does hurt that we operate in the red every year but I can think of a better thing to spend money on . Any way try one of these diets promise it will work great.

Concerning Dog Foods
by: Margie

Sharon, I have never fed Science Diet but that doesn't mean it is not a good food. Showing dogs, we learned alot and what I go by is the ingredients---I was told to look at the first top few ingredients and go by that. Some list corn and some by- products and I definitely do not want those plus more.

Also one thing that steared me away from Science Diet is I remember when buying a puppy from a very reputable breeder (she was in Arizona and I am in Texas---we flew to get her. On the paper work she told me to give my vet, she had this in very bold print: No Science Diet; No Lepto!!!

It made an impression on me and have never used either. However, my vet sells it but knows I don't use us. But, a lot of times when one of my little ones have been ill, he will put them on one of the Hills Diet formulas and they have worked well for them.

So if she is doing good on Science Diet, I would keep on using it. A lot of time in these big dog and cat stores, I see some people walking around that come up to you and tell you about their food---in other words, they do not work for the dog store---they are just in there to try and persuade
you to switch over to their employer's brand of dog food. And evidently, fine with the dog store as they also will be carrying her employer's dog brand.

Hope this helps.


what is best for your dog
by: Anonymous

I have always fed my shih-tzu mix raw dog food. I researched before I even got my dog. From everything I can see it is by far the best for them. It is like us eating what we should eat. We know as people we do not eat all that we should. But we make our own choices and live with them. our dogs however look to us to make that choice for them. You might say raw food is expensive. Actually compared to many so called good quality canned dog food it is about the same price. But you have to look at the whole picture. Feeding them raw food make your dog less likely to have any health issues. You know how expensive it is to have to go see a veterinarian if you have a problem with your dog. I have mine for more than 4 years and have yet to see one except for the necessary shots once a year. It is also very important to find a vet that share your decision in feeding them raw food. Many vet will be opposed because they also sell dog food which I find a situation of conflict of interest. There are so many other benefits: they don't smell; their poo are not as smelly and they don't poo as much. Usually only once or twice a day. Their coat tends to be shinier and less problem with flea. These benefits alone were enough to convince me to go raw. One other benefit is less likely to have any allergy. But it is also important to pick the best raw food made especially for dogs - organic of course. If you love your dog you will really think about feeding them what is best for them. The best is raw!!

In Response To Hill's Science
by: Staff Editor

Hello Sharon

As you know, there are hundreds of brands of dog food on the market today. Narrowing a list of that size down to 10 isn't easy and some good brands will be left off. If you are happy with Hills Science and have had good results with it then by all means continue to purchase it.

In our opinion, some of the Hills Science products contain ingredients that we don't recommend or find healthy for dogs. And those ingredients would be corn, wheat and by-products. Many Shih Tzu dogs are allergic to corn and/or wheat. Corn is usually added as just a cheap protein filler to offset putting less meat in the food. The next ingredient that we don't recommend is by-products. If you aren't familiar with by-products, do a good thorough investigation on what these are and see if you would want your dog eating this stuff. You can read more about these ingredients on our Shih Tzu Diet page or just google dog food by-products. There is a plethora of information available.

To Hills Science Diets credit, they do have a Natural line of products that we would recommend. Everything looks pretty good on that label. When you have the time, compare the ingredients found on their natural product line called Nature's Best compared to their non natural products. It will surprise you to see the difference.

With Hill's Science Diet, just be sure and check the product label. Some of their products are good and some we wouldn't recommend. Hope this answers your question.

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