Unconciously peeing you pants

Peeing in your pants is more common than you think | state of health | kqed news

Discussion content reflects the view of individual participants only. Sometimes when, i’m really exhausted from work i can’t hold my water when i go to sleep. The sanctity of the front walkway had been been besmirched. Hello, m just 27 years old boy and not married. But sometimes i’m in too much of a hurry or forget to wait. It’s really uncomfortable and really inconvenient, considering this happens mostly in the middle of the night. It really embarrases me.

I have peed myself 3 times in the past few months, why?!?!Urinary incontinence | types of urinary incontinence and why it happens

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Functional incontinence

When you tighten your muscles, data about how well your muscles are performing pop up on your smartphone via bluetooth. The rest of the month i’m ok no problems.