Multiple girls lick his ass

Is licking a persons anus safe?

Anyways, as a guy thats not into receiving butt stuff, wouldnt bother me if a chick asked, would graciously refuse but be totally into her still, probably more so cause obviously she is open to dirty stuff. However, i would caution you that the crowd here skews sexual and open-minded. I love giving head, but there usually comes a point in a blow job when my neck and jaw are ready for the guy to come already. She likes doing it and likes the fact that shes the only one that’s been there and knows. That time is very aggressive you can do any thing. That said, i do hear many guys complain that women don’t eat enough of their asses.

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I’ve never done it to a guy though. I’d love it ! the only time i’d stop you would be if i knew i wasn’t clean back there. She licked it up and down left and right and then she slid her tounge in my asshole as deep as she could,she was pulling me by my hips trying to go farther in.