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We had no idea how bad that was at the time and my fiance waited three days to see a doctor. So i have a story my dad’s cat is fine with him and fine with his wife but when i come over the cat rarely rubs up against me, will hiss, bat and try to bite me literally every time i walk next to him cause he lays in the middle of the walk way where i have to go ( i don’t even live with my dad i live with my mom, so i’m not over to my dad’s all the time) do you know what it is?? can it be something i did when he was younger?? can it be that he just hates me? i did nothing wrong to the cat. She always feels like you are one of her other cats that she is entitled to take care of. Have you been able to rehabilitate a compulsive licker? please tell us in the comments how you did it. If you’re bothered by it, introduce other distractions like cat toys or a treat. She already love bites me too! so happy i rescued this sweetie! They will purr like mad then to a little nibble along my cheeks or chin (sometimes my arm) then go back to nuzzleing and purring.

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There are many reasons why your cat acts in such a way. 6- your right hand will hold moderate pressure on his hind leg/hip. She’ll chop down on my toes (or calves if i have shoes on) until i’m standing.

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