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I don’t need to be defined by option a or b. There are many, many people who have come out as bisexual, and during bisexual awareness week, some of them told their own coming out stories on twitter, revealing some wisdom we can all use. It can feel like taking a load off of your shoulders. Since i had been exclusively with women up until that point, i was nervous about being with a man. At this point in my life, i am 100 percent attracted to women and 100 percent attracted to men.

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Most of the time i don’t feel like i really have a gender, though depending on the day i can feel distinctly feminine or masculine. I’m super thankful that my husband has never seen me as threesome bait, and in fact will sit down and have philosophical discussions with me about sexuality, bisexuality, all that stuff. I’m pansexual, polyamorous, and somewhere between gender fluid and gender neutral.

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