Flea Allergy?

by Fran
(Elgin, SC, USA)

We have been fighting for years now with what we think is a flea allergy in our Shihtzu, but now are wondering if it might be a food allergy.

We feed Nutro Venison mix. It lists lots of natural ingredients, but maybe there is something in it that is bothering her. She has champagne colored hair and so I just figured since she is light colored she is prone to itchy skin, and allergies.

What food if any would you recommend. I can get Wellness here at Petsmart. Thanks for any help.

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Jan 17, 2012
flea allergy
by: Karen

I am using Taste of the Wild, which is made by Blue Buffalo. Since switching to that my dogs have had no hot spots or allergic looking spots on their skin. Try a small bag & see if it works. I use the salmon formula. Let me know if it helps.

Jan 17, 2012
Food Allergy
by: Ed A

I would highly recamend Diamond taste of the wild. This is a great grain free all stage life food that is not only rated high it is loved by every dog we bring into our rescue. A bit more money yes but even boxers and pyrenees dont get reactions. we feed it to our 5 personal Shih-tsu, they reange from 4 pounds to 16 and all are fine on it. Good luck, it kills me when i see them suffer and can't help.

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