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Looking for female dog names for your Shih Tzu puppy? View our long list of Shih Tzu names. We have included the meanings of each name to assist you in your decision.

We understand that your hearts desire is to find the perfect Shih Tzu puppy name for your precious female. Hopefully our list of names will be beneficial to you.

If you have some favorite female Shih Tzu names that you would like added to our list, feel free to send us your suggestions.

For those of you looking for Shih Tzu male dog names, we have a wonderful page just for the boys.

List of Female Dog Names

AlexandreaDefenderAlexusDefender of mankind
AliceNobleAmarisChild of the moon
AmieBelovedAnnieFull of grace
ArabellaYielding to prayerArdellaWarm, Eager
AshleyAsh tree meadowAubreeRules with elf wisdom
AugustaFeminine form of AugustusAutumnAutumn
AvaN/ABambiYoung girl
BarbForeign or strangeBelindaBeautiful
BrandyFrom the alcoholic drinkBritanyFrom Britain, British
BrookWater, StreamCarolynLittle, Womanly
CathiePureChelsiA London district
CherieDarlingChloeYoung shoot
ChrissyChrist-bearerChynaFrom China
ClairClearClarissaBright or clear
CortneyCourtly, CourteousDaiseyA flower name
DanaDenmarkDarlaLoved one
DawnDawnDeanaFrom the valley
DelorisSorrowsDestiniCertain fate
DollieGift of GodDottieGift of God
EbonyDark beautyEllaBeautiful fairy woman
FaeFaith, Trust, BeliefFannieFree
GabrielleGod is my mightGarnetRed gem
GinnyMaiden virginGoldieMade of gold
GracieGood willHaileyFilled of hay
HattieHome rulerHazelCommander
HeatherFlowering shrubHollieHolly grove
HopeTrust, FaithHuaFlower
IdaProsperousIsabelleMy God is bountiful
JanisGod has been graciousJiaOutstanding person, Good
JocelynPlayfulJodieFeminine form of Jude
JoleneHe will increaseKallieLark
KameronCrooked or bent noseKandyVariant of Candace
KassieAbbr. of CassandraKatelynnPure
KatherynPureKaylahKeeper of the keys
LanaFair good-lookingLassieYoung girl
LaylaDark beautyLeiFlower bud
LenoraLike a lionLienLotus
LilianFlower lilyLinFine jade
LonnaA distant placeMadisonSon of Maud
MandiWorthy of being lovedMariahUncertain, Maybe bitter
MaxieThe greatestMelanieBlack, Dark
MiaUncertain, Maybe bitterMillieMild strength
MinQuick, SensitiveMissyYoung girl
NanciFavor, GraceNelliShining light
OpalPrecious stonePaigeYoung, A child
ParisCapital city in FranceQueenieQueen
RaeShort form of RachelRavenDark haired or wise
RickiePeaceRosannaFavor, Grace
SaraPrincessShelbySheltered town
ShellyMeadow on a hilltopShirleyCountry meadow
SierraMountainSheenaGod is gracious
SuzannaLilyTatumBrings joy
TeriHarvesterTessaShort form of Teresa
TiffanieManifestation of divinityTriciaNoble
VelvetSoftVioletteViolet flower
WhitneyClear waterZoeyLife

You can get more female dog name ideas from shih tzu photos submitted by our website visitors - for example, meet Tilly, Gigi and Princess Lulu Bear....

For even more inspiration, visit Dog Names Place for male and female dog names, top dog names, unique dog names and much more!

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