Feeding and drinking

by Kaz

Hi I've brought a 8 week old shih tzu home today, he's wee'd twice on paper but won't touch water or food out of bowls even though lady I had her off said she was doing both fine, he will eat wet food off my daughters hand and will drink water (not much) only out my daughters hand and backs away when we try to give him dishes, can anyone advise please or is this normal x

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Jun 22, 2015
feeding and drinking
by: Rhonda Gabriel

Try not using plastic dishes or glass or switch from one to the other. Start them off by hand feeding this should entice him to keep eating from the bowl. Don't make a game of it. A half hour is sufficient amount of time but leave the water down all day. Feed twice daily don't free feed. I do have a shitzu pom also, best regards xx

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