Evening behavior

by Terri
(Cleveland, OH)

I just turned 1

I just turned 1

Our male shihtzu just turned 1 - he is very smart -rings a bell on the door to go out to do his business- in the morning he's so loving - he goes for walks 2 times a day -

every night around 8 pm he will start to bark
non stop and play bite and growl as his tail is wagging - we tell him no bite and no bark -at first we just ignored him but he then runs crazy all over jumping from couch to couch and he is so so fast we can't catch him -

he thinks it's a game but he is out of control- when we do finally catch him we put him in time out (in the bathroom with door closed for 2-3 minutes max and then he calms down) our shihtzu can do this non stop for 20-30 minutes - then he pants lays down and falls asleep -

how can we get him to not even start this craziness? We love our Derby so much

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Apr 10, 2015
have same issues
by: Moo-Kei's Mom

We have a 9 month female Shihtzu. She is calm and loving all day and after supper she goes crazy for several hours. We have a long area she runs as fast as she can from one end to the other. She bites hard in her play and we haven't been able to break her of it.

I've read that they have to bite and chew and to put something in their mouth that you want them to chew on. Hasn't worked for us yet. We have tried to keep her busy all day so she will be tired at night but she still gets wild at night. Good luck.

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