Emotionally disturbed shih tzu?

by Rebecca Gearardo
(Lawrenceville, GA)

I have an 11 year old shih tzu, Tinkerbelle, that weighs around 8 pounds. She was purchased from a breeder and after the fact we know not a reputable breeder. She has foibles and I need help.

1. She is very sensitive to noises and the older she gets the worse it is. Noises such as elevator dings, bells tinkling, dings on the TV. She is also petrified of thunder and lightening.
2. She also will does not like to be groomed and freaks out if you touch her legs.
3. She does have back knee issues and is carried most places.
4. Will let you pet her but then will scream or bite you, this comes out of no where.
5. Will poop and/or pee on herself if scared badly.

We have had her checked out and the vet put her on prozac but it has not helped her at all. She ends up miserable and we are miserable because we do not know what is wrong with her.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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