Eddie Bear - Breed: Lhasa Tzu (I think)

by Irene
(Toronto, Canada)

Eddie Bear's favorite chair

Eddie Bear's favorite chair

Eddie Bear was in a kill shelter in California 3 years ago when a rescue organization in Canada rescued him - The Royal Canadian Potcake Rescue organization. They flew Eddie Bear up to Canada with 4 other dogs and he was in a doggie day care for a few days before I was very fortunate to find him on line with PetFinder. I was chosen to adopt this little guy because there were 4 other people interested right behind me.

Amazing demeanor....nothing I can say against this beautiful boy except his aversion to larger dogs. He thinks it's his job to park at dogs that are bigger than him - especially male dogs. I've been trying to break him of this habit for 3 years, but I'm thinking this is never going to go away. As for barking any other time? -NEVER. The dog doesn't bark....growls if he doesn't like a sound in the apartment, but never barks at the door, at cats, at strangers - just big male dogs.

When I adopted him, I was told he came in as a stray to the shelter in California.....no past history, but he was definitely socialized and really does adore children.

Eddie Bear is very sweet natured but MOODY. Sometime he looks at me and just gives me that 'get off my back and let me sleep' look. Otherwise he's an angel. I also have a cat named Sophie and the 2 of them are best friends, although Eddie is a little nervous around Sophie sometimes because she still has her front claws.

Eddie Bear is a 'velcro' dog. Follows me everywhere - definitely bonded in everyway. I yawn, he yawns. He understands quite a lot of words - 'park', hungry' 'stop', leave it', give mama a kiss (he only does this for a piece of cheese)'. He loves to walk but not too much and loves the park where he can run free. Chases the ball but never gives it back to me so I get more exercise than he does.

And yes he has allergies - especially in the summer by the lake. Poor boy suffers terribly with the scratching, and it's definitely environmental so I use some medication to help him through the season. I cook all his food - he eats better than I do and he has a tendency to gain weight, so I try to stick to protein, vegetables and low fat cheese. I love Eddie Bear - he's my best friend and I'm not sure he thinks I'm his best friend, but I think maybe he does.

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we have an adopted dog, now we know for sure...he is a shih apso
by: Janet Dorsey

Love the story os Eddie, our Tashi is so like your description of Eddie! will not lick/kiss unless it is accidental...ha, very needy...wants pets continually if awake, love sleeping and food...was a street dog...had not been fixed and I believe wandered because of lust. Love him...had a shitzu and a Lhasa apso previously, loved them both,but tthis dog is an angel...glad you found your friend!

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