Dog personality different after grooming

we just got our 2 yr old adopted male Shih Tzu groomed. Before grooming was very active interacted with our other dog. After grooming sleeping a lot crying some and not interacting with other dog. Do not think he was drugged for the grooming. Grooming done at our vets/animal hospital. Wondering if this will be a permanent change or hopefully get back to his old self?

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Dec 10, 2014
by: karen

did they shave his tail or take his fur way down?
they dont like air on their butts so if his hair is real short that could be it.
give him extra loving & cuddle him for a few weeks. it should be okay

Jun 29, 2015
Tired after grooming
by: Anonymous

A lot of dog shampoos have an ingredient that is actually a little toxic. It can make the pets sleepy and lethargic for up to 24 hours. Use or tell your groomer to use natural or organic shampoos. My Vet told us to try baby shampoo. Worked like a charm.

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