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]) a cat should only be washed when it has gotten into a harmful substance, or too much of even something not harmful, which the cat can’t wash off with its own tongue. The thing is, i’m almost certain she’s not showing anger or saying “pay attention”, but i think she’s feeling really comfortable and warm and cuddly when she does it. To me, one of the benefits of having a cat is sharing a bed with it; i always sleep better with a cat by my side. The more crazy the spraying makes your family, the more upset poor puffy may be getting, which will only intensify the undesirable behavior. Even if you do catch it in the act, i think a cat is more likely to stop the action if you can make it seem as if “the universe” or something is responding with an unpleasant noise (like setting off an alarm or clashing some metal pot lids together). But what? there has been no food or litter change.

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Fortunately, he never peed on top of my quilts and blankets. Then she will be relegated to the laundry room permanently.

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