Chanel - Imperial Shih Tzu

by beverly

I have an imperial with papers, she is beautiful and weighs about 8lbs. She has a smaller bone structure than the full size shih tzu and a different personality. Also, her fur is longer and thinner. I love her

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Imperial Shih-tsu
by: Ed fr

I am so glad you are happy with your Imperial Shih-Tsu. I have 2 what they call Imperial Shih-Tsu and have done quite a bit of reseach. As far as I know AKC only recognices one size shih-tsu. There are those who do believe in this smaller breed. One of mine Pappo is 7 pounds and that just makes him in the correct peramiters for the AKC. My little girl Sabrina is only 3 pounds and as I said before is so active and healthy every breeder who sees her swears she is a imperial. Ether way we love her the same. I would just hate to see breaders ruin this regal breed by breeding runts to make them small because it only leads to a weaker bloodline. I always say every puppy should have a home but let's not support unreputable breeders to be fashionable! Mine are both rescues although Pappo has papers.Good luck with your little angel and I hope to see a picture on the site real soon!

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