can a 3 week old puppy get sick over choking on moms milk

by Lisa

My little female puppy choked on her mothers milk at 3 weeks old. 1.5 days later she seemed to have a cold, her nose was stuffed up and at same time had a clear runny nose a little. My Vet gave her antibiotics thinking she aspirated on her moms milk. Well 3 weeks later, she is mostly better, still has stuffy nose kind of, but her brother just came down with same symptoms yesterday. He was trying to learn to eat puppy food soaked in water, and he dived into too quick and now has same stuffy nose like he cant breathe. Are they sick with a virus, or just little pigs that are now paying the consequence?

I am worried for them, and my vet doesnt know what to think. Is this because they are teething? My puppies have never had this kind of thing before.

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