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Big penis size causing painful sex dilemma

(fun fact: about 15 percent of men have a penis over seven inches and three percent have one over eight inches. You lie on your sides facing each other, but with heads at opposite ends of the bed. Sexperts recommend trying kegels when sitting on the toilet, as you stop and start and stop and continue your flow of urine. Chances are your partner is happy to make love to you, no matter what your penis specifics. It would be helpful for you to start by thinking through whether it’s the length or width or both that is making sex uncomfortable or painful for you. Hindu philosopher vatsayana devoted a portion of his writing to discovering human sexual compatibility based on astrological charting. You can move your hand up and down or just apply pressure.

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Different sex positions work best for different penis sizes

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Your vagina is too loose

So you can still control the rhythm. Lie down on your back and have your partner lie down next to you on his side with one leg between yours. It’s not about penis size, it’s about how you use what you’ve got.

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