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Are Shih-tzu's known to have seizures ?

by Melissa Horn
(East Texas)

Hello my name is Melissa and I am Sassy's human. Sassy is 12 yrs old and I have had her since she was 2 months she has never had any health problems (except snoring).

She runs and plays like a puppy but yesterday (probably a coincidence)My husband was playing the banjo and Sassy was laying in the floor streched out and jumping like she was dancing. She has never like noise but normally she will just walk out of the room. I could not get to come to me she would just look at me normally shes very close to me.

She was just acting strange don't get wrong she has her weird days to whew she won't do anything at all and then she is fine. So this morning she woke up being her old self again she ran and had a good time dragging me behind her when I took her for her walkie walk . then mid afternoon she started shaking again this time she was under my feet and wouldn't let out of her sight it was almost like she was scared of something,Then I was cooking supper and she was laying out of the laundry room ( she has never laid there ) and I kept checking on her to make sure she was ok and I called to her and she went to get up and she tried to pick up her leg and it looked like she couldn't figure out what to do with it she started jerking around and she couldn't stand up.

I put her in her bed and covered her up and she is snoring away right now. ( My husband says it is probally the cold floor she was laying because she never lays on anything but her warm blanket so he thinks the cold got her )

If any one can help me please let me know ? I am taking her to the vet tomorrow morning. She just got up and got a drink of water. Melissa And Sassy

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Are Shih-tzu's known to have seizures ?

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Dec 05, 2011

Shihtzus can do strange things. I just took one to the vet last week because he wouldnt eat, he was shaking & just plain acting strangely.

He had all kinds of lab work done & had a comprehensive exam & nothing was wrong with him, but I feel better taking him. He is also 12. I know this doesnt help but as they age they do have some weird behaviours sometimes. Its best to get him checked out.

Dec 06, 2011
by: Melissa

Hi Karen,
This is Sassy Lou Human, The next day she was just fine running taking her toys and playing keep away.

I took her to the vet nothing wrong, And you are so right sometimes she acts very strange but I am so worried because she is getting old but like I said most of the time she acts like a puppy. I can't have children of my own and she is my baby.

I was glad to find this site thamk you for your help and I will post more pic soon. Thanks Again, Melissa And Sassy Lou

Dec 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have raised 4 shih tzu dogs over 2o years, and one of them now sadly in heaven got epilepsy when he was 2. He lived till he was 11 on medication.

He had seizures it was the first sign, on meds he did fine most of the time, I would have him checked out for this

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