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Another tiny Rescue

by Ed
(New Jersey)

good things come in small packages!

good things come in small packages!

We call her Paris and she just came into our rescue! When they are this small, we are afraid to place them. We took her to the vet and even had blood work done. She doesn't show signs of liver problems and she likes to eat so that ends the worry of low sugar, but we will hold her until we are sure she is OK. I hope my wife doesn't fall in love with her but I think I may be to late!!

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Another tiny Rescue

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Tiny Shih Tzus
by: Linda G

I have a Shih Tzu, now 12 years young, who weighed only 9 oz. at 6 weeks old. Paris needs to go to a special home that understands the frailty and special needs and not act emotionally. I had to shuffle my feet for four months - so my baby wouldn't be crushed. They will always need to be watched around other dogs and cats! That cute little baby face, also has special needs. Extra eye care and hygiene around eyes as their 'baby' face usually means a very short snout and large eyes. Watch for overheating in summer and eye injury and infections. Cleanliness a must. I do daily eye hygiene. My baby stays with me all the time. She is small and has to be carried up and down stairs. Also - they MUST be spayed - too dangerous to ever consider breeding - there really is no such thing as an "Imperial" Shih Tzu - as some (puppy mill) breeders try to phrase in order to attract buyers. ANyway - I am not trying to discourage anyone from adopting, but please PLEASE find a special home that can see beyond the 'cute' and see the reality of the special attention a fragile tiny one needs. I LOVE my girl. Weighed one half pound when I took her home, she did catch up and ended up weighing seven pounds (7 lbs.) as an adult. But even at that - she still have the baby/puppy face and small stature and requires dedication to her needs. IN exchange I have the most loyal, loving, faithful and self-less companion I could ever ask for. I have never had any problems with any of her organs - or diabetes - but she is almost deaf and blind. Now it is my turn give to her the loyal, loving, faithful and self-less friendship that she gave me all of her life... and I have no regrets.

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