Aggressiveness, cowering, night/angry pooping, matted fur on his belly

by Katy Nyman
(meadow grove, nebraska, united states)

I just adopted a male shih tzu back in january. when we first got him he was very aggressive and did not like to be touched at all. the longer we have him the more he is warming up but he still snaps at people including me! and its starting to worry me because we have a lot of people coming in and out of the house.

He also tends to poo in the middle of the night in my bedroom and when we leave him alone during the day even for a short amount of time. now he is more into cowering when someone looks at him in the wrong way or moves suddenly. but again this cowering is only occasional. he is usually pretty playful and has a female pekingese for company. and ive also noticed that he has a lot of matted fur on his stomach and back. i trimmed the fur on his back fine he just had to be relaxed. but as soon as i put him even partway on his back he has a fit! and he wont even let me use my hands to work the tangles out some.

The fur by his tail is also turning a reddish color. He is a black and white 18 month old. and i would love to keep him as he is helping with some of my health problems.

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Jun 04, 2012
Matted fur
by: Anonymous

Take him to the groomers so they can take out the mats on his fur. The mats can be painful. Keep his fur short.

May 08, 2014
Aggressive shih-tzu
by: Anonymous

I fostered and then adopted an 11 year old Shih-tzu. Although he has gotten much better with me, he is very aggressive with other ppl and dogs, including my dog and the dog I am sitting, both very gentle, non-aggressive dogs! He has bitten me six times, two other ppl and just yesterday he attacked my neighbor. I have him in quarantine and will have to put him down on the 15th.

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