Acting strange after grooming tail

by Joan
(Rome GA)

My shih tzu had chewed at the base of his tail until he was miserable and it was terribly matted. I used professional clippers and scissors to get the mat off. That was 4 days ago and he is acting very strange. He hides under the bed, which he has never done. When he comes out, he scampers with his tail pulled to the side and hurries to sit down. I figured his skin may be irritated, but now I am not sure what is going on. I read that he could have been dropped, which he wasn't or that his tail could have been dislocated, which it wasn't. Any ideas?

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Sep 17, 2011
sad to watch
by: Stacey

That happens to my dog if she is groomed too aggresively. She walks kinda sideways and just wants to sit, just like you described. I personally think it is razor burn. Either the clipper are used too hot or too dull. Or they could not be expressing the gland right. Not sure how they do that. Since I do not know how to do it, it is the one thing that she never gets anymore. I groom her myself now. I never use groomers anymore and she is fine. I just give a light cut in that area when I groom her and there is no more problem. I have to touch up that area in between cut downs, but it is worth it not to see her miserable.

Sep 18, 2011
by: Karen

Shihtzus notoriously do not like their tails groomed. When they do, this is what happpens. Same thing happened to my shihtzu. Give the dog extra TLC & in about 4-5 days he will be fine.
Their tails are like their rudders so when they are interfered with it makes their entire personality change. My shihtzu wouldn't eat for a week & I had to hand feed him.
He is fine now as the fur grows in. Hope this helps

Oct 05, 2011
what can i put on the tail heal/soothe razor burn?
by: shawna

Hi, my shih tzu "Sasha" got clipped to close at the groomers on the underside of her tail by the base and up about 2 inches. It also looks scratched and red and is bothering my baby terrible..What is best to put on it to soothe(it must hurt like hell, poor thing keeps turning round to bite at it)and to prevent infection? please help. Can i use neosporin with pain relief or is there something else that is better. thank you so much

Mar 21, 2015
sad shih tzu after shaving at groomer
by: Lotus

I adopted a shih Tzu from a shelter a week ago. Today was his first time at the groomer. It did not end well. They shaved him down, however he began biting so they could not shave his face or his feet.

Since I picked him up he has been walking sideways, licks his butt and sits every second. He doesn't want to walk either. He is very sad, so we gave him his blanket and his bed. I am worried because I have never experienced this.

I have to have rest of the matted hair removed, how should I go about this?

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