a gray spots suddenly appears on her tummy?

by marge
(quezon city)

My dog Zoey (3 yrs old) a Shih tzu has a clear white tummy, but a week ago I noticed a gray spots appearing on her tummy which looks like a cow spots a ligher one though.. Should I be alarmed about this gray spots? Also every night she do scratching on her face, body and she bites her tail sometimes as if it is so itchy... does she have an allergy or something?

Also she doesn't have the appetite to eat her dog food.. we give her a treat in the morning and she usually eats at 5pm and at night before going to bed.. but suddenly she doesn't eat on time, my sister and I sometimes forced her to eat by putting her food into her mouth but she doesn't finish everything.. she is taking appetens an appetite booster that the vet gave her also I'm giving her multi vitamins, but still she don't eat like before..

Does this gray spots causes the itchyness and the lost of appetite on my dog? Should I go visit my vet immediately or is this just ordinary or a seasonal changes on her?

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